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Our community members are Sociators who love to engage, sociate, to deepen their knowledge and insights. Below are some of the tools to stay connected. We are currently implementing new features.
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Our ambition is to empower you with tools to create your own peer to peer network in the learning chain. You can share your knowledge and useful information about your interests and study life. Help others, get the best study academic related tips directly from your fellow students. Become a Sociator. Who can join us Only graduate, undergraduate students, alumni and experts can join our community. To still your scientific hunger and work on your curriculum you can follow fellow students, student associations, experts from companies and knowledge institutes. You can subscribe to the best curated news on topics that will curb your passion or make a group on specific topics and invite students around the globe from different colleges and universities. How to be part of our community? If you like to join in as a Sociator, you have to create a private profile first. When admitted by our moderator you can share posts, articles, videos, documents, plan events, work in groups and invite friends. With our messenger you stay in touch in real time with your friends. From Beta to Stable We've just gone through inhouse alpha testing. We are pretty near our desired look and feel, functionalities and services. We are close to the final product. While Sociating is in 'beta' release we have the chance to iron out bugs and to get feedback from our early stage users so that we can release the new project as 'stable' in November 2020.
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