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Team Sociating

Team. Lives in Leiden, Netherlands. Born on January 18.
by on June 10, 2020
Monday, June 8, 2020 For the ninth year in a row Harvard has been ranked as the top global university by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR). This year, the global top-10 is as follows (with last year’s rankings in parentheses): 1. Harvard University (1) ...
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by on January 24, 2020
United Nations (UN) employees are strongely advised not to use Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. It considers the software insecure. The UN has warned staff about this since June 2019. According to the UN experts Israeli spyware was likely used. The  UN spokesperson answered questions from Reuters (1) news agency after the UN (2) had called for an investigation into the mobile hack of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos was hit in a 2018. Sources have reported The Guardian (3) that the cr...
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by on January 8, 2020
Afgestudeerd of gestopt met studeren? Een aantal belangrijke zaken zul je moeten afhandelen. In deze bijdrage lees je wat je (bij welke organisaties) moet aanvragen, stopzetten of aanpassen om zorgeloos je studietijd af te kunnen sluiten. Hoe zit het met je studiefinanciering en je studieschuld? Heb je nog wel recht op zorgtoeslag? En hoe lang mag je in je studentenwoning blijven?  ...
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by on November 14, 2019
Throughout recent years, according to the company's half-yearly transparency report, policymakers have been requesting more and more user data from Facebook.  While more than 82,000 requests were filed worldwide in the second half of 2017, this number has increased to more than 128,000 by 56 percent in the first half of 2019.The percentage of requests for receiving data has remained more or less the same. In the second half of 2017, data was given to governments in 74.8 percent of the cases. ...
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by on November 8, 2019
Nearly 159 million American citizens were shown political fake news on Facebook in the first ten months of 2019, according to a recently published research paper by Avaaz Action Group. Avaaz examined the hundred most popular Facebook messages that impartial fact checkers had tricked. Such communications seemed to have been posted 158.9 million times, generating 8.9 million views, comments and shares. These messages included fake news stating that the U.S. President Donald Trump's grandfath...
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by on October 30, 2019
Francophone student association leaders marched outside the Wallonia-Brussels Union building in Brussels on Tuesday morning to demand free tuition. The annual cost of the tuition varies from € 8,000 to € 12,000, according to the students. This investment is not affordable to everyone and therefore makes higher education unavailable. Though, the student association brings to mind that the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, embraced by the United Nations in 1966,...
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by on October 28, 2019
According to a study published on the 22th of October by the Studiekeuze123.nl foundation among 94,000 students, university students and students of private HBO study programs (colleges) are very happy with their studies. The median is 4.1, whereas the best might be a 5. Through the National Student Survey (NSE), the foundation gauges student satisfaction annually. There are different themes that stand out from each other. But more and more students are especially pleased with the professiona...
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by on October 17, 2019
Global financial regulators are not preparing to block the cryptocurrency of Facebook or other related currencies, says Benoît Coeuré (1), president of the ECB, Thursday. Libra and other crypto coins, however, must comply with the "highest legal requirements," he says. It is a surprisingly positive statement about Libra that is being targeted all over the world. From the beginning, Facebook proposals have been raised by regulators and lawmakers since different countries. Since its announcemen...
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by on September 13, 2019
As the saying goes, after a storm comes the calm, well perhaps in Alphabet Inc's case, comes the "claim". Last week Alphabet Inc took a few blows. Firstly, news came up about Google's $170 million compensation after allegations that YouTube collected data and supplied particular advertising to children without parental consent (1). Secondly, a team of 30 state attorney generals will soon conduct an antitrust inquiry against the tech monolith (2, 3). Earlier, in August this year, The European ...
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