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by on October 28, 2019

According to a study published on the 22th of October by the foundation among 94,000 students, university students and students of private HBO study programs (colleges) are very happy with their studies. The median is 4.1, whereas the best might be a 5. Through the National Student Survey (NSE), the foundation gauges student satisfaction annually.

There are different themes that stand out from each other. But more and more students are especially pleased with the professional career planning and the supervision and training of the internship. The participating private higher professional education programs have remained high with satisfaction. Just like in 2018, there is a 4.1 average score reflecting the satisfaction. Check the overall results here.

Not all schools find the survey to be reliable. This year was the first time the government-funded universities were not involved. The research quality was inadequate as the new data protection law would create problems with completing the questionnaires. attempted to make adjustments to incorporate the Association of Applied Sciences Universities.However, only university and private higher education information were provided.

There will be negotiations between all parties to continue next year's cooperation. Since 2008, the NSE is performed. The average figure has oscillated around 4 on a scale of 5 in recent years.

About NSE Dashboard
The NSE Dashboard is an online dashboard for easy viewing and comparison of NSE results. You can view the NSE 2010-2019 historical data in three different viewpoints.


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