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Why this community

We are a community and network of entrepreneurs, researchers and students whose members share their knowledge about Business & Economics and its place in society around the globe.

How can we see to it that newly emerging, converging or disruptive economical technologies and infrastructures change paradigms? How can we assess our academic economic models in the light of economical values like sustainability, growth, work, accountability and democracy. What role should the Entrepreneurial agency play in decision making about technological risks in design? And how are our norms and values affected themselves by technological, economical developments?

What we want to achieve
We would like to share knowledge and discuss on how to set and enhance accountable innovation standards, the possibility of parallel research (economics in close collaboration with technological development programmes) and many others. Technologies and disciplines covered include econometry, economics, business studies and others.


Through science communication at national and international level across the entire learning chain. Students from departments like Economic Sciences, Business Studies and Experts form Profit and Non-Profit Organizations are welcome. This community will connect you with Students and Experts who build on their Curricula.