Sociating Community Policies

Sociating is a community platform that seeks to place its members first when it comes to making significant choices. Many professional discussions and shared perspectives are exchanged daily on Sociating's Services (defined in the User Agreement). In order to ensure that these conversations assist our users to be more productive and successful, Sociating has implemented these Community Policies outlining the actions appropriate to the Services and what is inappropriate and can be prevented by Sociating. These guidelines are designed to provide advice and limitations on how you use our Services and participate in them.

We expect all who participate in our Community using the Sociating platform to understand and follow our guidelines:

Live the Sociating Philosophy
The line between public and private, personal and professional is blurred in online social networks. You create perceptions about your knowledge and interests just by recognizing yourself as a Student and/or Alumnius. Make sure all material (videos, posts, articles, documents) related to you is compatible with your study, study interests and/or job and the philosophy of Sociating (that social communities are about constructing meaningful interactions, sharing helpful information– not a play of figures or numbing, irksome marketing).

Share the Love. Make lifetime friends. Be Wise and Peaceful
We strongly believe throughout the internet in communicating and connecting to the finest content and people. A link, post or article isn't just an endorsement, so don't be worried or shy about sharing something from a “competitor” if you feel it is worthwhile to other students and alumni. We foster Frederick Lewis Donaldson's lessons on morality (regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, region, etnicity, disability) about "The Seven Social Sins" (1925, but still applicable :-)). We strongly oppose: "Wealth without Work, Pleasure without Conscience, Knowledge without Character, Commerce without Morality, Science without Humanity, Worship without Sacrifice, Politics without Principle". Sociating advocates Economic, Social, Cultural, Civic and Political Rights (Human Rights 1976, 1989) and the Millennium Goals 2030 for all global citizens joining the scientific (and social, political, economic and commercial) discourse (debates) with one mission only: sharing relevant, valuable, sustainable and helpful information and data. Within these frameworks we offer our services, It is the same moral, ethical and behavioural perspectives we expect from our users (visitors, members, influencers, companies and institutions) when using and promoting Sociating: we not only associate, we unite.

Respect Others' Rights and Follow the Law.
Please ensure that you have the legal requirement before exchanging or using copyrighted products, trademarks, personal data, or personal/trade secrets of someone else. The Services that is to say, our community platform should not be used to engage in illegal operations, promote illegal products or infringe others ' freedoms and rights. Do not use the Services to commit fraud or attempt to manipulate others. Furthermore, do not use the Services to deliberately spread viruses, worms or other software that may ruin or interrupt information or hardware systems of others.

Understand privacy (settings) on posts, publications, interactions.
We don't expect all of your social media use to be study or work-related, but we encourage you to maintain a safe and friendly community for our members. Our Services should not be used to hurt others, their opportunities for life or company, or to air private grievances and conflicts. Using Sociating is not appropriate for harassing, abusing or sending other unwelcome messages to individuals (e.g. sexual proposals, sexually specific material, junk mail, spam, chain letters, phishing systems). Due to race, ethnicity, domestic origin, gender, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliations, or medical or physical situation, we do not allow hate speech acts like bullying individuals. Also, hate groups, terrorists, and those who commit violent crimes are not welcome on Sociating and are not allowed to do so.

Be yourself
Never impersonate another person or intentionally disguise your identity on Sociating. Build a reputation for yourself. Pay attention to what you're speaking about. Add value and relevance to the conversation.

Write what you know.
Keep up with your region of competence and offer unique, personal views on what is happening in your world and around the globe. Don't be suggestive in asking questions to start unethical conversations.

Don’t tell harmful secrets
Respect proprietary information and content, and confidentiality. Don’t discuss students/alumni's work or achievements without permission. Try to be objective, informative and helpful.

Don’t spam. Ever.
You can connect to other members, groups and followers or other Services, but do it subtly and only in reaction when asked, invitated, or for sharing relevant information.

Give credit where credit is due.
Always assign to someone else when citing. Make sure that pictures can be shared by Creative Commons and also assign them. Never use content that is copyrighted without authorization.

Be a good conversationalist
If a reaction is suitable, monitor and respond to remarks in a prompt way, but stop and wait if you have an emotional reaction to something – or first display someone else before hitting the publish button. Cool off, bBe tolerant, show openness to argument and willingness to see other people's points of view.

Remember everything online is discoverable
Be polite and professional, especially when you disagree with someone. If you find yourself working too hard to defend, take a step back. If you can’t show it to your mother or a judge, don’t post it.

Always be learning
Sociating is fast-moving and ever-evolving. Read more than you write. Ask questions. Link to others, make friends and always build relationships. That’s what this community is all about.

Respect Sociating's Rights
Do not disobey or tamper with Sociating's rights. In our User Agreement, you can discover more information on what this implies. It's also not  allowed to suggest that you are associated or supported by Socitaing when you are not. Do not infringe our rights to intellectual property, scrap the Services, or interfere or disturb the Services.