Cultural Value Scoping Project 2018

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Why should we care about understanding cultural value? Why is it important not just for research professionals, but for those actively ‘making’, debating and assessing this value, i.e. for people working in arts and culture and their funders, for policy makers and academics? What sort of support might be needed to further their understanding?

This report outlines the results of the Cultural Value Scoping Project (CVSP) which was set up in September 2016 by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation working in partnership with Arts Council England. It follows the publication in April 2016 of the Report Understanding the Value of Arts and Culture, which culminated the work of the AHRC Cultural Value Project.

The purpose of the scoping project has been to explore the legacy of the AHRC Cultural Value Project and to investigate:

• how an improved understanding of the value of participation in the arts and engagement with culture might beneft people working in arts and culture and their funders, policy makers and academics;
• what kind of resources and infrastructure would be most useful and relevant to support these distinct but overlapping constituencies.

The key issue that unfolded during the project’s various consultations was not about providing an encyclopaedic compendium of facts about cultural value. Neither was it about supplying more ammunition to win short-term advocacy arguments. The single biggest and most pressing challenge that emerged was to create communities of understanding and practice for people across the sectors – the arts and culture, funders and the voluntary sector, academia and policy. 

Report by Dr Patrycja Kaszynska
Published August 2018
Arts & Humanities Research Council

Marleen Spierings
Marleen Spierings, January 30, 2020
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