Technology in Education, What Teachers Should Know

February 12, 2020 by , in Education

Educators can use technology in the classroom in many different ways. Much research has been carried out (and still is being carried out) to investigate the best way to make use of tech for learning purposes both inside and outside the classroom. But there are myths surrounding technology.

Read this article and get insightful answers on for instance. Is new technology causing a revolution in education? Does Internet belong in the classroom because it is part of the personal world experienced by children? Or, "Ddigital natives" are a new generation who want a new style of education.

Technology in Education, What Teachers Should Know  2016
Pedro De Bruyckere, researcher at Artvelde Hogeschool Ghent (Belgium)
Paul A. Kirschner, professor of education psychology at Welten Institute and Open University (The Netherlands)
Casper D. Hulshof, researcher researcher at Utrecht University (The Netherlands)

Marleen Spierings
Marleen Spierings, February 12, 2020
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