Museum Debate & Design Leiden EU City of Science 2021-2022
In 2022 Leiden will host the Euroscience Open Forum, Europe's biggest multidisciplinary scientific meeting. Leiden University, the Municipality of Leiden and The Hague Convention Bureau joined forces to organise the conference and bring it to Leiden. Leiden Primary and Secondary schools are working on international projects promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). When students start working together at a global level at a young age they quickly learn to communicate in other languages than their own. They learn about other cultural values and ideas. Different perspectives lead to more creative solutions which can, in the end, turn out to be the best solutions to the challenges which face us, humans, on our precious planet. When students are taught to challenge their own perspectives, ask critical questions, and come up with new designs, teachers in Leiden feel students are better prepared for their futures.  So, let's Debate & Design Our Global Future in Leiden! Leiden is acclaimed for its university and is famous for its mathematical, natural, health and social sciences. The city, with its BioScience Park, is the perfect example of the connection between scientific research and its many applications, while The Hague is known worldwide as the International City of Peace, Security and Justice.   Mayor Henri Lenferink: ‘I'm enormously proud of the collaboration between the different parties; it again illustrates the enormous ambition of the city and the University to present Leiden as an international knowledge city. ESOF's choice in favour of Leiden for 2022 is evidence that this is now integral to the city's reputation.