Team Sociating
What have Bologna (IT), Lisbon (PT) and Skopje (MK) got in common? Apart from being major European metropolises and hotbeds of culture and heritage, the three cities are part of the EU funded ROCK pro...View More
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International Student Expert Network
DORDRECHT - Netherlands Business Academy (NLBA) begint in 2020 met een Masteropleiding Cultuur, Erfgoed en Burgerschap in Dordrecht. https://www.dordrecht.net/nieuws/2020-01-21-25557-masteropleiding-c...View More
Marleen Spierings
Sada Mire is a Somalian archaeologist. She lived the first fifteen years of her life in Mogadishu, until 1991, when she settled in Sweden, as a result of the conflict in north-east Africa. She is foun...View More
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