Team Sociating
Google announces 100,000 #scholarships for online certificates in #data #analytics, project management and #UX The certificates are created and taught by Google employees, do not require a college deg...View More
Team Sociating
Bedrijven met een te sterke focus op #data en #algoritmes verliezen het vermogen om duiding te geven aan cruciale verbanden in de wereld die niet te kwantificeren zijn. De alfa- en gammawetenschappen ...View More
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Team Sociating
Misconceptions about data-based decision making in education Studies on evidence-based decision-making has gained popularity globally, fueled by policy recommendations and the complex data now availab...View More
Team Sociating
Data Science is a joint English-taught bachelor’s program of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology. You learn to examine the large amounts of data on which today's society works Yo...View More
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