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Are you a student or an expert in Tech, Philosophy or Pedagogical Studies? Share your knowledge of Tech, Ethics & Teaching. We share great resources and are willing to ma

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Why this community

We are a community and network of teachers and researchers whose members share knowledge about Ethics & Technology and its place in the school and university curricula around the globe, and who study how this knowledge is transmitted within an educational setting as well as into the public domain i.e. public institutions, institutes of science, and industry. We assume that all teachers are mainly Science Communicators. How can we see to it that newly emerging and converging technologies and infrastructures express our considered moral judgments and widely endorsed public values? How can we assess our technology in the light of public moral values like sustainability, user autonomy, safety, privacy, accountability, democracy and quality of life? What role should public actors play in decision making about technological risks in design? And how are our norms and values affected themselves by technological developments?

What we want to achieve
We would like to share knowledge on how to set and and enhance socially accountable innovation standards, the possibility of value-sensitive design, ethical parallel research (ethical work in close collaboration with technological development programmes), ethical technology evaluation, technological risk ethics, the anthropology and ethics of human-technology relations, and many others. Technologies covered include information and communications technology, biomedical technology, nanotechnology, industrial design, environmental technology, architecture and urban planning, neuro- and cognitive technology, military technology, and others.


Through science communication at national and international level across the entire learning chain.Students and Experts from Profit and Non-Profit Organizations are welcome.