Terms of Use

Welcome to Sociating!

These Terms of Use regulate your use of Sociating and provide the Sociating Service information described below. You agree to these conditions when creating an Sociating account or using Sociating as a visitor. As a Visitor or Member of our Services, the collection, use and storage of your private information is subject to our Privacy Policy (which contains our Cookie Policy and other records referred to in this Privacy Policy) and updates. Sociating may alter any of its Services or discontinue them. We do not promise to store or continue to display any data and material you have published. Sociating is not a service for storage. You agree that we are not obliged to store, retain or provide you with a copy of any material or data you or others provide, except as permitted by applicable law and as set out in our Privacy Policy. Sociating retains the right to restrict your use of the Services, including your amount of connections and the capacity to contact other Members. Sociating reserves the right to limit, cancel or terminate your account if Sociating thinks you may be in violation of or misuse of this Agreement or Law.


We agree to provide the Sociating Service for you. The Service includes all the Sociating products, features, applications, services, technologies, and software that we provide to advance our mission: Connecting Students with Peers and Alumni. The Service consists of the following (Service) elements:

  • Personalized opportunities to create, connect, communicate, discover, and share
    By sharing meaningful information (opinions, research and knowledge) you really care about as a student and as an alumni in a particular work field, we want to reinforce your interactions. So we're building processes that attempt to know who and what you and others care about and use those data to assist you generate, discover, participate and share information that is important to you..
  • Promoting a positive, inclusive and secure environment
    Sociating develops and uses tools and offers resources to our community members that help to make their experiences positive and inclusive. Our systems and moderators follow and stand up against abuse and violations of our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, as well as harmful and deceptive behavior. Sociating uses all the information - including your information - for trying to keep our platform secure. We also may share information about misuse or harmful content with law enforcement. 
  • Ensuring a stable worldwide infrastructure for our Service..
    To provide our global Service, we must store and transfer data across our systems around the world, including outside of your country of residence. This infrastructure is owned and operated by Sociating, The Netherlands, Leiden.
  • Connecting you to brands, products, and services in ways you care about.
    We use screened information from companies, members and third parties to demonstrate you advertisements, deals, and other supported material that we think will be relevant to you. And we're trying to make that content as relevant as all your other Socating experiences.
  • No Warranty & Exclusion of Liability
    To the extent permitted by law, Sociating and its affiliates (and those associated with the provision of the services) (a) disclaim all implied warranties and representations (e.g. warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, data accuracy and non-infringement); (b) do not guarantee that the services will operate without interruption or errors; and (c) provide the service (including content and information) on an “as is” and “as available” basis. These are the restrictions we may have to you in terms of legal liability. To the extent permitted by law (and unless Sociating has entered into a separate written agreement overriding this contract), Sociating and its affiliates (and those associated with the provision of the services) are not liable to you or others for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, inflicting or intended damages or loss of data, opportunities, reputation, profits or income, related to the services (e.g. offensive or abusive statements, down time or loss, use of or changes to, your information or content). Some laws do not allow you to limit or exclude liability, so you may not be subject to these boundaries.


The Services are not intended for use by anyone under the age of 16.

In order to use the Services, you agree that: (1) you must be the "Minimum Age" (described below) or older; (2) you will have only one Sociating account, which must be in your real name; (3) you are not already restricted by Sociating from using the Services and (4) you are a student attending a Community College, College or University, or an Alumnius who has studied at the before mentioned institutions. Creating an account with false information is a violation of our terms and conditions, including accounts registered on behalf of others or persons under the age of 16.

Members become account owners. You decide to: (1) attempt to choose a powerful and safe password; (2) hold your password safe and private; (3) do not pass any portion of your file (e.g. links) and (4) obey the rules and our Community Guideline Policies. You are accountable for anything that occurs through your account unless you open it or record misuse of it.

You consent to us that we will provide you with notices, posts and articles in the previous respects: (1) within the Service, or (2) to the personal data you have supplied us with (e.g. email, country, your role). You approve to maintain your contact details up-to-date.

Please check your settingss and restrict the emails you obtain from us.

Our Services provide communication and data sharing in a variety of respects, such as your profile, news stories,documents, papers, videos, photos, events, work postings and blogs. Information and information that you communicate or publish may be viewed by other Members, Visitors or others (including those outside the Services). If we have made the settings available, we will honor the choices you make about who can see content or information (e.g. email content to your addressees, share content only to Sociating connections, restrict your profile visibility from search engines, or choose not to notify others of your Sociating profile update). Please check your settings here We are not obliged to post any data or material on our Service and may delete it at our full option, with or without warning.

As between you and Sociating, you own the material and data you send or post to the Services, and you only grant Sociating the following non-exclusive licence:

A global, transferable and sub-licensable right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish and process the information and content you provide through our Services and the services of others without further consent, notice and/or compensation to you or others. These freedoms are restricted by the following means:

a. The license for specific contents can be terminated either by removal of such contents from the Services, or by closing up your account in general, except (1) if you share it with others as part of the Service and copy, re-share or store it, and (2) as long as it will be necessary to remove the content from the backup and other systems.

b. Without your distinct approval (including supported material), we will not include your material in advertisements for third-party products and services to others. However, without payment to you or others, we have the right to serve ads close to your content and information, and your social actions may be visible and included with ads.

c. If we wish to offer others the right to post your material beyond the Services, we will receive your permission. If you choose to share your article as "public accessible," however, we will allow a function that enables other members to embed that free accessible post on third-party facilities, and we will allow search engines to make that content via their facilities findable. You can always change your publishing settings from public to privacy. 

d. While we may alter your material and create format adjustments (such as interpreting it, altering the size, design, or sort of folder, or removing metadata), we will not change the significance of your message.

e. Since you own your material and data and we have only non-exclusive privileges to it, you may choose to create it accessible to others, including under a Creative Commons license.

You and Sociating agree that in accordance with the conditions of the Privacy Policy and your options (including settings), we may access, store, process and use any information and private data you provide. By submitting suggestions or other feedback about Sociating's Services, you agree that Sociating may, for any intent without reward, use and share (but does not have to) such feedback.

You agree to contribute only content or data that does not breach the law or the privacy of anyone (including intellectual property rights) and that your profile data will be truthful. In some nations, Sociating may be needed by law to remove certain data or material. If you do not honour the before said your account will be banned.

Although Sociating promotes a positive, inclusive and secure environment, you may find incorrect, incomplete, postponed, false, illegal, offensive or otherwise dangerous material or data by using the Services. Generally speaking, Sociating does not check all the material that our Members or others provide. You agree we are not liable for the material or data of others (including other Members). We can not always stop our Services from being misused, and you agree that we are not liable for such misuse. You also recognize and understand the chances of risk that you or your organisation may be wrongly connected with material about others when we notify connections and followers that you or your organisation were quoted in the media or news.

You are responsible for selecting whether to access or use apps from third parties or places that relate to our Services. If you allow an app or website from a third party to authenticate you or connect to your Sociating account, that app or website may have access to the Sociating information related to you and your connections. Third-party applications and websites have their own legal conditions and privacy policies, and you may allow others to use your data in respectsthat we would not. Sociating is not liable for using these other locations and applications at your own danger, except to the restricted extent needed by applicable law.

Using the Services does not provide you with any ownership of our Services or the content or information made available by our Services. Trademarks and logos used for the Services are trademarks of their respective holders. Sociating and Sociating's logos and other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used for our Services are trademarks or licensed trademarks of Sociating.

Terminating your account
You and Sociating may terminate this agreement with respect to the other at any time. Upon termination, you lose the right to access or use the Services. If necessary we exercise our rights and immunity to use your feedback and impart it.

Governing law and resolution of disputes
You and Sociating agree that all disputes pertaining to this Contract and/or the Services shall be governed solely by Dutch legislation, excluding conflict of law regulations. You and Sociating agree that complaints and conflicts can only be litigated in The Netherlands, and we agree that the judiciary in The Netherlands, will each have personal jurisdiction.

You honour the our rules and customs

You agree that you will:
1. Comply with all relevant legislation including, without restriction, data protection legislation, intellectual property laws, anti-spam legislation, export control regulations, tax regulations and legislative obligations

2. Provide us with precise data and maintain it up to date;

3. Use your true name, status and background on your profile, and;

4. Make professional and ethical use of the Services

You agree that you shall not:

1. Create a false identity on Sociating, misrepresent your identity, create a Member profile for anyone other than yourself (a real person), or use or attempt to use another’s account;

2. Develop, support or use software, devices, scripts, robots, or any other means or processes (including crawlers, browser plugins and add-ons, or any other technology) to scrape the Services or otherwise duplicate profiles and other information from the Service;

3. Post anything that includes viruses, worms, or other damaging code from software ;

5. Try or execute reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, deciphering or otherwise attempting to obtain the Services source code or any associated not open source technology ;

6. Abrogate, reverse any security feature, safety function or bypass or circumvent any access controls or use limits of the Service (such as profile views, invitating, following members);

7. Interfere with the operation of, or place an unreasonable load on, the Services (e.g., spam, denial of service attack, viruses, gaming algorithms); and/or);

8. Copy, use, reveal or distribute any data acquired from the Services, effectively or via third parties (such as search engines), without Sociating's permission ;

9. Disseminate information or data you do not agree to disclose (such as other people's private data (including your employer, your educational institution));

10. Deep-link to our Services for any other intention than promoting your profile or group on our Services without the authorisation of Sociating;

11. Violate other people's intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, marks, trade secrets, or other proprietary privileges. For instance, do not copy or distribute articles or other material from others without their consent (except through the accessible sharing features), which they may post under a Creative Commons license;

12. Violate Sociating's intellectual property or other assets, including, without restriction, (a) copy our products or (b) copy or distribute our technology, unless it is disclosed under open source licenses ; (c) use the term ' Sociating ' or our logos in any company title, email or URL;

13. Sell / re-sell, rent, lease, loan, trade,  or otherwise monetize or access to the Services or associated information without the approval of Sociating;

14. Access our Services, attach or download links, submit or redirect emails, use bots or other automated techniques;

15. Engage in "framing," "mirroring," or otherwise simulate the Services ' appearance or function;

16. Overlay or otherwise alter the Services or their appearance (such as inserting components into the Services or removing, hiding or obscuring a Services advertisement);

17. Violate the policies of the Community Guidelines or any extra conditions relating to a particular Service given when you sign up for or begin to use such Service.

Complaints with regard to content

We respect other people's intellectual property rights. We require data published by Members to be precise and not in breach of third party intellectual property rights or other rights. For complaint about content provided by our Members, go to our contact page. We strive to handle questions or complaints within 15 working days at the latest. If no solution is found, you can use the ODR platform (Online Dispute Resolution) of the European Commission for extrajudicial mediation in a dispute via its website.