Marleen Spierings
on October 30, 2020 304 views

In 2022, Leiden will be the scientific capital of Europe. The centuries-old centre of knowledge and culture is famous for its university, which enjoys international fame for the wide range of disciplines it offers. The city and the Leiden Bio Science Park are perfect examples of how science and scientific application work together. Naturally, the City of Knowledge and Culture will also present an extensive cultural programme together with local museums, theatres, creative talents and artists from Leiden and the surrounding area. Meta Knol, director of Stichting Leiden 2022, says: “It is our ambition to establish connections across all dividing lines that will appeal to everyone. We will be gathering together in Leiden top international scientists and curious minds from all corners of the city, the region and the country. For a whole year, Leiden will be the place to be for expanding your horizons in unexpected ways.”

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