Marleen Spierings
on October 30, 2020 344 views

PART 2 EU MUSEUM DEBATE CITY OF LEIDEN Museum Debate, 17th June, 2020 Museum Debating at a distance: how to debate online when you are not able to visit the museum in reallife? See how American, Dutch and Nepalese students and teachers interacted online on the topic of 'the Pilgrim Story and the limits of freedom'. The Leiden Museums help Education by providing authentic sources to students and teachers not only in the city of Leiden itself, but Dutch students then share it with students and teachers globally. In Plymouth, US and Kathmandu, Nepal, and Leiden, The Netherlands students took on the Museum Challenges Design Thinking & Science Debating. What can the Pilgrim Story contribute to our present-day international collaboration? And exactly how does a DigiDebate work? How can students organise one themselves? How can we use sources to reason and argue on ways to improve international collaboration? How is this related to the Sustainable Development Goals UN (SDGs)? Museum 'De Lakenhal' shared their resources on the exhibition 'PILGRIMS TO AMERICA – AND THE LIMITS OF FREEDOM'. SEE: Guess what... creativity and an open-mind, a wilingness to share perspectives and most importantly, to ask the other person questions, and to accept the dark and the light as part of our lives have a lot to do with it. Working together is all about establishing strong relationships for the future. Feel free to join us and fill in the form here: Museums and organisations are willing to contribute to this unusual and interesting didactic debating method to facilitate student exchanges in Covid-19 crisis times. Museum Challenge Science debating for secondary school students in museums Museum Challenge is an initiative of De Leidse Aanpak. Made possible by Leiden Municipality (Innovation funding), Leiden Museums, Leiden Primary, Secondary & Higher Education (SCOL, Stedelijk Gymnasium, PROO Leiden, and the Honours Programme Leiden University). Also see and

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