Team Sociating
on November 16, 2020 203 views

TECH TALK X 8 July 2020 by INSEAD

There has been a lot of media speculation about AI's role in handling the current pandemic and resolving it. AI is used to speed up the production of a vaccine, to forecast clusters, to classify distance laws, to build monitoring and detection tools, and to optimize the use of hospital beds, just to name a few.

Over the past few months, though, it has also become clear that AI isn't a magic wand. How reliable and useful are these AI models and tools, with so little historical data and knowledge of the virus and its actions, and how effective are they when implemented on a global scale? Why is accurate knowledge so difficult to get?

What is required to build trustworthy and accurate models? Is AI the right tool all the time? And how can AI help us identify and predict trends and make better decisions, despite the differences in business and society?


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